Leave me OUT of it

This is one of my nighttime rants. You’ll know early on if you want to keep reading or not. But here goes…

I’m sick of people feeling entitled to how I move. Or feeling like I have to move a certain way because “they” are watching. 1. Who is they and 2. what they got to do with me? The world is big but we only live in a small portion of that. Am I supposed to just cease all of everything because people can’t resist the urge to swipe and see what it is I’m doing? It’s a lot happening in the world. Currently a whole pandemic. I honestly would think people would find something else to be concerned about instead of hawking mine or anyone else’s existence. If you don’t…

Leave. Me. Out. Of. It.

I’m sick of feeling like I can’t be because of who you might be. (Read it again.) The world we live in is NOT that big. Especially this one. I’m busy minding my business and I can only pray that you’re doing the same thing but nooooo, you’re probably up reading this blog post. Just in my business, minding it. *insert the heaviest of eye rolls*

I have my own life to be concerned about. If you wana help me out here is what you can do.

Leave me out of it.

~me looking at you, looking at me~

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