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Photo taken by Chris

Hey y’all! So, before you start reading, here is a quick preface.

This post had been sitting in my drafts and honestly, I’m not even sure when I started on it. The irony is that I talk about being more consistent with my blogging and yea…you see when my last post was. But enough getting down on myself. Enjoy this read that was obviously from the heart. (Like all of my posts)

This pandemic has been heavy and has affected all of us in some kind of way. Whether you’ve been laid off from a job, lost a loved one or just don’t feel you have the creative spark you once is true that for everyone this has been a sucky situation. It isn’t something that you have to hide and pretend isn’t happening either. Take myself, for example, I have not posted a blog in about 3 months. 3 whole months. Being an artist during this time forced me back into a workforce that I am not happy to be in. Working, coming home to be a mother to my child, cook, clean, walk the dog, repeat. That has been the bulk of my life for the last almost 3 months and while I don’t completely lack inspiration, it’s the motivation to write that left me. I felt like I had nothing to say, so I didn’t say anything. I hadn’t even been journaling and that’s something that is for me, not the world.

Then, I was inspired by a friend who just recently released her own blog. (Shoutout to you Deborah for sparking the fire under me.) I know I have these come to Jesus moments with myself often about what I should be doing and why I started doing something in the first place. As for this blog, its always been to be as transparent as I can be while hopefully helping others along the way. Consistency has been my biggest downside since having my baby and while I’ve apologized to myself for it plenty of times over, I also apologize to those who have been following and/or reading my journey. It’s been tough. People will say things to make you feel like you gotta get it done no matter what and I’m sorry but that’s just not always easy to do. It is ok to feel however down you may feel but what I’ve learned is that you sit in that (not for long), figure out how to get thru it, THEN move forward with the resolution. Where I do tend to sit for too long at times, is in the rut. I’m working on it though (I promise.)

While some of this is still true for me, majority of it is NOT. And I thank God for that. I’m still figuring my own way to get out of ruts in particular areas of my life but that’s okay. I just cannot allow myself to stay there for too long. You shouldn’t either. Let that rut know who the boss is! Wishing you nothing but peace, love, light and happiness. Until next time…

“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear.” Nina Simone

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