Things NO ONE tells you

Hey ya’ll! ok…so I feel that I need to comprise a list of things that nobody decides to tell you about once your baby arrives. After having these things happen to me, I really want to share them with you guys, whether you plan on having a child, already have one or just need a good laugh. And this is shit that happens almost everyday. I’m always alone when it happens so no one else gets to get in on this stuff. Some of it has been serious “WTF, why would no one share that” moments. Here is what people are afraid to share…not me though.

No matter how hard you try you will hit your baby’s head on the roof of the car putting them in the car seat. And obviously not knock them out hard but a baby ain’t always perfectly still when you’re putting them in there so there have been a few “Oops, my bad baby” apologies happen. Now, I go ahead and already have her in the car seat so I don’t have to worry about that transfer. Don’t look at me like that…you know that happened to you at least once.

Baby acne. This one really had me gone. You bring home this beautiful baby that possesses skin many of us are paying money to have then BOOM. One morning you wake up and notice small bumps on the face of your little one. I do my best NOT to run to Google for stuff (the internet will have you thinking the worst) however, I had to go online to see what this was about. Sure enough, it’s a thing. Apparently, it has to do with hormones from mom (insert some science, genetic stuff) and it goes away at some point. I was terrified that I did something wrong. Whew.

Scheduling. I read some articles that talked about how to schedule a baby’s sleep time. What those articles didn’t say was that what they were saying is BS. You are on the schedule of the newborn until further notice. At first, I was driving myself crazy with trying to stay on a schedule with her feedings and sleeping. Finally, I gave in to the schedule she created and things have been going a whole lot smoother than before. Not only that, we are on a schedule without ACTUALLY having to create one. It works for now and if it needs to be tweeked, I should be able to. I say should but who knows. I’m not forcing anything anymore.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is the most nonsense I’ve heard since having her. So…you’re telling me that after being up with her feeding, changing diapers, tummy time, feeding again and putting her down for a nap I am supposed to then sleep? When do I get to eat, go pee, brush my teeth, shower….you see where I’m going with this. That shit is unrealistic for me and if it has worked for any other moms out there, please, share your story so I can know how you did it. I have instead decided to use my village privilege and schedule naps/chores. It’s the only way I can truly get stuff done. Sleep when the baby sle….puh-lease.

These are just a few things. If you are a mom or close with one, you know this list is way more extensive in real life. We ain’t out here being Instagram worthy 24/7. I am not afraid to admit it. I wish everyone could just go ahead and keep it real about stuff like this. Go ahead, comment and share with me something YOU found out that no one told you.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. Check out some of my other blogs posts while you’re here. Always sending much love, light + happiness to you and yours.

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